Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Algonquin serves each client with a distinct clarity of purpose.

Working from a carefully-crafted investment plan, investable assets in each client portfolio are typically allocated across a diverse set of asset classes and investment strategies utilizing an "open-architecture" platform.  Algonquin identifies, selects and hires what it considers to be best-of-breed investment managers in each asset class or investment strategy.  The result is a dynamic investment portfolio that is suited to meet the unique needs of each client’s investment plan.

Algonquin complements its Investment Philosophy with a distinctive approach to each client.  The Algonquin investment approach has resulted in high levels of client satisfaction, which is best demonstrated by the long-term nature of its client relationships.

  • Collaborative:  Algonquin professionals work closely with each client to understand their unique investment goals and objectives.  With a clear understanding of the key facts, the team strategizes and prepares a detailed investment plan.
  • Personal:  Because Algonquin is highly-selective and limits the number of clients it serves, the firm is able to devote significant resources to ensure that each client receives the attention they require.  When appropriate, Algonquin typically goes the extra step to coordinate with a client’s trusted advisors, including attorneys, tax advisors and/or business managers, to enhance the customized nature of its service.
  • Flexible:  Clients are not “force fit” into a specific approach when working with Algonquin.  A bespoke approach is used in all aspects of the client relationship.  From account setup to the selection of an independent custodian to portfolio allocation, each client’s preferences are incorporated into their customized investment plan.
  • TransparentAlgonquin communicates its investment recommendations to each client even in cases where the client has granted Algonquin full investment discretion.  Assets are held by leading custodians who provide independent communications and reporting.
  • Conflict Management:  As an independent firm, Algonquin is paid solely by its clients.  The firm does not receive direct payments from any of the managers or funds recommended to manage client assets, thus freeing Algonquin from many of the conflicts that could exist at other firms.

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